Northern Irish band Snow Patrol were forced to cancel their US gigs over the weekend (12-13AUG06) after the terrorist alerts in the UK prevented the whole band from leaving the country. The RUN hitmakers were scheduled to play in Seattle, Washington, on Saturday and Portland, Oregon on Sunday, but due to the terrorist alerts, which started last Thursday (10AUG06), only two of the group managed to cross the Atlantic. A statement on the band's website reads, "The band members were flying from different cities, and while two, NATHAN (CONNOLLY) and TOM (SIMPSON) did make it to the US, the rest did not. "Continued delays and problems securing new flights have made it impossible for the three others (GARY (LIGHTBODY), JOHNNY (QUINN) and PAUL (WILSON)) to arrive in time for the concerts. Snow Patrol regrets any inconvenience or disappointment it has caused its fans." The rockers hope to be in Boston, Massachusetts to play their gig at the Bank Of America Pavilion tomorrow night (15AUG06).