Snow Patrol have been taking about their admiration of Super Furry Animals, calling them the best band since THE Beatles.

The band's singer Gary Lightbody said he felt the Welsh outfit's profile should be much bigger than it is.

Speaking in a BBC interview, he said: "I think they're our generation's Beatles."

"They should be a giant, absolutely massive band because they've made some of the greatest pop music ever."

He went on to say that the Furries' album FUZZY LOGIC was a huge influence on his song writing.

This album meant an awful lot to me. If Nirvana made me pick up a guitar four years before, Super Furry Animals made me think about what I had to say with it," he said.

SNOW PATROL'S fifth album A HUNDRED MILLION SUNS is scheduled for release next month, with the first single being Take Back the City.

24/09/2008 10:44:50