Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody has issued an apology to fans after many fell victim to unscrupulous touts in a scramble to see the band perform two intimate Christmas charity gigs next month (Dec12).

The Northern Irish star was disgusted to see tickets for the group's shows in Belfast selling for thousands of dollars online after the rockers deliberately kept the prices low at around $36 (£22.50).

Lightbody has now publicly criticised touts, as well as greedy fans who sell their spare tickets on for a profit, insisting the band tried its best to make the concerts accessible for everyone.

In a series of posts on his page, he writes, "Sorry for those who had to resort from (sic) paying more than face value for the Belfast tickets. We do our best to make it hard for touts but... it's impossible to stop altogether. We wanted a low ticket price (so) it wasn't too hard on your pockets at Christmas. Touts f**k that idea right up.

"Northern Irish charities will make in excess of 30 grand from the show so that at least is something positive... as for folks who paid hundreds of pounds for a ticket I'm sure nothing I say is gonna make it sting any less. I'm just sorry this s**t happens at all. Loads of love to everyone. Bless your hearts."

The two shows will take place at Belfast's Waterfront Hall on 23 December (12), with one gig held as an afternoon matinee before a second concert in the evening.