Former Snow Patrol member MARK MCCLELLAND is suing his former band in a bid to recover earnings from the group's success. The bassist - who left the band in 2005 citing "creative differences" with frontman Gary Lightbody as the reason for his departure - has filed a suit in London's Crown Court demanding a quarter of the Northern Irish rockers' wealth since leaving the group MCClelland wrote Snow Patrol songs with Lightbody for over 10 years, and hopes to recover earnings from 2006 album Eyes Open as well as fees for supporting U2 on their Vertigo tour in 2005/2006. A source tells British newspaper The News Of The World, "This'll get really messy unless they make a deal. "Mark's deeply aggrieved and wants what he sees as his share. When you consider the sort of success the band went on to enjoy, Mark's being advised his damages could run into the millions."