Three American state parole officers have been sacked after they were discovered working for controversial hip-hop star Snoop Dogg.

The agents were found to be in the GIN + Juice rapper's employment when police arrested 13 men - believed to be part of his security entourage - outside the BLACK ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS at Los Angeles' Kodak Theatre in June last year (03).

At the time, cops impounded a number of weapons, a bullet-proof vest and three vehicles, including an armoured truck.

A spokesman for Los Angeles' corrections department refused to disclose the officers' names or the reason they were dismissed, but confirmed the three were working for Dogg.

A fourth agent was discovered to be on the 33-year-old rapper's payroll while on disability leave.

The spokesman said the employment broke California state law and was "incompatible and inconsistent" with their day jobs.

08/07/2004 17:25