Rapper Snoop Dogg's business successes are all down to the people he hires to do his talking for him - because he accepts top companies don't want to deal with "a hoodlum". The rap star has become a formidable force in the world of big business and marketing, admitting his success comes down to stepping aside and letting others speak on his behalf. He explains, "You can't really blow your own horn. You can't just say, 'I'm the baddest motherf**ker.' "You've got to have somebody who can articulate that for you, but in a corporate manner. They don't understand n**ga talk. They only understand their language. "That's why I had to get people in my life that could handle that. I can do all the n**ga talk on my own. "I need somebody to balance it out so that way they won't feel like they're just dealing with some hoodlum who doesn't really understand business." Snoop only hires the most tenacious business minds - because he accepts he can be a tough boss. He tells hip-hop magazine The Source, "You've got to be able to take s**t from me... One day I'm cool with you and the next day I'll say, 'Muthaf**k you, you goofy motherf**ka!' You've got to be able to withstand the verbal abuse."