Snoop Dogg is taking the credit for ending the west coast rap wars in America, but he fears he'll never be able to clean up the mean streets of Los Angeles. The GIN + Juice star set up the Protect The West programme in a bid to end feuds between California's rappers, and he insists the idea has been a big success. He says, "All these rappers made a treaty saying we wouldn't have any disrespect for each other on our records. "It must be working, because there are no more rivalries." Snoop only wishes he could set up the same programme to end gang warfare on the streets of Los Angeles. He adds, "It's gotten worse because the people act like it don't exist, and until the violence happens to you, you don't really pay attention to it." And there's one rap 'beef' the hip-hop hero would like to see end - the one between The Game and 50 Cent: "I got love for both of them."