Rapper Snoop Dogg has invited a gardener from Wales to join him backstage at his upcoming gig in the country after he was blown away by the size of his vegetables.
The hip-hop superstar is set to kickstart his new world tour in Cardiff, Wales on Saturday night (08Oct11), and has reached out to local resident Ian Neale, who is famous in the area for growing massive produce, including an 84 pound (38.1 kilogram) swede.
In a video uploaded to YouTube.com, Snoop is seen wearing a Cardiff City soccer shirt and standing in front of a backdrop of cannabis plants before congratulating Neale on his gardening skills.
He says, "What up? Shout out to my home boy Ian Neale in Cardiff for breaking the world record for the biggest vegetable.
"When I do my show in Cardiff, I want you to come backstage and see me because I do vegetation myself and I want to know your secret so I can show you my vegetables and see if you can grow that into a real big vegetable.
"Come see your boy Snoop Dogg, I've got two tickets for you when I get to town."
However, Neale insists he will pass on the invitation - because he's not a fan of rap. He says, "It's very nice to be asked, but I'm more of a Country and Western man myself."