Rapper Snoop Dogg's new comedy show DOGGY FIZZLE TELEVIZZLE has prompted questions over the sexuality of Oprah Winfrey's longtime beau STEDMAN GRAHAM.

During an episode of the hit MTV show, the words 'Stedman likes boys!' were flashed across the screen, which apparently led viewers to wonder if Snoop knew a secret about the private life of Oprah's partner of 17 years.

But when a journalist emailed the hip-hop star to ask if it was true, he promptly fired back, "Absolutely not, just a joke!"

An MTV spokesman adds, "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle is clearly a comedy. Snoop is a big fan of Oprah, and if you watch the whole sketch, you will realise it was a joke and should be taken as such."

21/07/2003 09:16