Rapper Snoop Dogg's pimp pal BISHOP DON 'MAGIC' JUAN is set to taste reality TV stardom by opening a new "exotic bakery" in Chicago, Illinois.

The pimp-turned-socialite has signed to air his efforts in setting up the new business on American cable network COMEDY CENTRAL and he's now interviewing bakers to turn his new venture into a hip-hop mecca.

He says, "(We're all about) making different kinds of exotic cakes, doughnuts and things like that.

"We're going to have some pimp doughnuts and playa doughnuts. We wanna cater for the needs of all the playas."

And Don Juan plans to give his new bakery the special touch by inviting local DJs to play there.

He adds, "We're gonna have a DJ there so, in the morning, when you come to work you can stop and get you some coffee and some fresh doughnuts and enjoy some good ol' steppin' music. I mean, the bakery is gonna be the place to be, daily."

24/08/2004 21:10