Hip-hop superstar Snoop Dogg provided a bizarre spectacle in the Los Angeles area on Friday (16JUL04) - by performing on a flatbed truck designed as a jail cell while being driven around.

As part of a guerrilla video shoot, the BEAUTIFUL rapper gave several impromptu performances of the new rock track FOOL'N YASELF, all the while trapped inside a giant prison cell on the back of the vehicle.

The travelling set, which stopped at such swanky spots as the IVY restaurant, Beverly Hills' Rodeo Drive and Hollywood's Melrose Avenue, allowed anyone who spotted the spectacle to get up close and rock out with Snoop, and quite possibly end up in the clip.

The single is expected to appear as a bonus track on the next Snoop album, and it is expected to be available for download on his website soon.

21/07/2004 03:00