Snoop Dogg's escape from gunfire earlier this month (APR03) has proved costly to producers of new movie STARSKY + HUTCH - workers are demanding extra cash just for being in his midst.

The BEAUTIFUL rapper, who plays street informant Huggy Bear in the flick, narrowly escaped injury when his motorcade was sprayed with bullets on a deserted Los Angeles street.

Snoop was on his way home from a 10 April (03) wardrobe fitting for the film when gunfire erupted, injuring one bodyguard.

And now the drivers on the film's set have started demanding "hazard pay" - which, according to sources, could cost producers an extra $2,000 (GBP1,300) each time Snoop needs a ride.

A source tells American tabloid the STAR, "Can't blame the drivers. Snoop shows up on the set with an entourage of 20 thugs. They're trouble."

25/04/2003 19:28