Rapper-turned-actor Snoop Dogg has hit out at critics who claim his new movie SOUL PLANE portrays a negative stereotype of black America.

The GIN AND JUICE singer blasts those - including SPIKE LEE - who label the film insulting, because it makes fun of ethnic cliches.

Snoop says, "People just need to chill and enjoy it for what it is. Why is it when black folks do a movie like this, there's always uproar? It really gets on my nerves.

"When white boys do a movie like DUMB + DUMBER with an all-white cast and they're cracking jokes on each other and doing stupid things, nobody says nothing. The film doesn't become an indictment of the white race.

"So why should it become one when blacks get together and do these types of movies?"

06/08/2004 13:54