Rapper Snoop Dogg grew so exasperated with his former record label boss MARION 'SUGE' KNIGHT's threats, he was afraid he "was gonna have to kill him". The Death Row Records head was allegedly left fuming when the rapper, real name CALVIN BROADUS, left his label for Master P's No Limit Records in 1996 and waged a campaign of intimidation against him from behind bars. Broadus says, "The n**ga threatened my life when he was in jail. N**gas tried to get at me at concerts; they put my address on a tape. He was gonna give a n**ga a Benz if a n**ga cut my hair. All kinda f**kin' with me." After Knight was released from prison in 2001, Broadus planned a violent revenge on his persecutor, and even considered murder. He adds, "I had to let him know I didn't give a f**k about none of that fake-a** power s**t you was supposed to be on, and all this money and all these Bloods you hidin' behind. "I felt like challenging him would either expose his whole card or I would have to kill the n**ga. And I was ready to do it. That's where I was with it. So when he got out of jail, I'm f**kin' with him. "Never was afraid of him. I was afraid I was gonna have to kill him. That's what I was afraid of." The pair have since patched up their differences thanks to intervention from the rapper's longtime friend and spiritual advisor Bishop DON MAGIC JUAN.