Snoop Dogg shocked concert organisers who were braced for an onslaught of outrageous demands, when he requested candy for his dressing room and nothing else.

The GIN AND JUICE hitmaker had brought his son and a bevy of his American football teammates along as a special treat - and he wanted to make sure that they didn't go hungry.

And the rapper, real name CALVIN BROADUS, ordered everybody backstage to behave around the youngsters.

A source tells British newspaper The Sun, "Organisers were shocked that he didn't make the usual lavish demands like a mini-arcade with a hundred Sony PlayStations and a vat of Cristal champagne.

"But his people explained that he'd brought his son's football team with him and his rider was for them. So the youngsters tucked into sweets and hot dogs, and Snoop certainly didn't go hungry either."