Snoop Dogg caused chaos in South Carolina at the weekend (07JUN03) when a surprise visit to his grandmother turned into a media circus.

The rapper stopped at a grocery store to ask for directions to his gran CORINE BROADUS' address in Union, turning the visit into a public event.

Snoop hadn't visited the town since he was a toddler and spent two hours with his 91-year-old grandmother.

By the time he left a large crowd had gathered outside his gran's home, leaving Snoop with no choice but to sign autographs, hand out CDs and pose for photos.

His grandmother says, "He came home from California when he was small. He's a man now."

Broadus told her grandson that she wasn't a fan of the cursing in his music.

She adds, "Some of his music is all right, but I believe in the church. I told him he could just leave some parts of that other out."

11/06/2003 01:28