LATEST: Rapper Snoop Dogg is being taken to court by the two women who claim he offered them drugs to flash their breasts for pictures that appeared on the cover of a Girls GONE WILD video.

The lawsuit by JAIME CAPDEBOSCQ, who was 17 at the time, and WHITNI CANDIOTTO, who was 18, also names JOE FRANCIS, owner of MANTRA FILMS, which produces the mail-order videos that feature nudity and sexual activity.

The case began when Francis was accused of promoting prostitution, and now Snoop - real name CALVIN BROADUS - has been dragged into things legally, with a lawsuit aimed specifically at him.

The two women claim Francis broke a promise that their picture would not be used in connection with a video. However, when the video known as GIRLS GONE WILD DOGGY STYLE came out, they found themselves on the cover.

The pictures in question were taken during a party for Snoop at a New Orleans hotel during the 2002 Louisiana Mardi Gras, according to their lawyer RON MACALUSO, who also claims his clients were offered drugs - but did not accept them.

Lawyers for Francis and Snoop have denied the allegations in papers filed in court, saying any pictures taken were with voluntary consent. They also say a sign was posted in the video shooting area that read, "By entering, you consent to the use of such film and your image in a commercial film product."

The women are demanding an unspecified amount of money in the lawsuit, originally filed in February (03) in state court in Tangipahoa Parish where they lived, but later transferred to federal court in New Orleans.

Francis was arrested on 2 April (03) while shooting a video in Panama City, Florida. He faces 22 charges, including racketeering, procuring minors for sexual acts, filming minors engaged in sexual performances and conspiracy.

Mantra Films has disputed the charges, contending crews always ask young women their age and take video only of those who say they are 18 or older.

13/08/2003 09:10