Rapper Snoop Dogg had a tough time filming his upcoming movie THE TENANTS - because the set was haunted by ghosts.

Snoop, real name CALVIN BROADUS, admits that filming the movie in Los Angeles' historic Ambassador Hotel - where American politician ROBERT KENNEDY was assassinated in 1968 - left him with a long list of unsettling experiences.

He says, "It's spooky, man. I can't even lie. I'm not really cool with ghosts. I believe in 'em, that's why I'm not really cool with them.

"I think I seen one when we were shooting that movie, man. That was real scary... It's not like the ghosts that you see in the movies, it's like I might be sitting down and chilling and all of a sudden the door will opens and I see something behind me and there ain't nothing behind me. But then the door closes."

The hip-hop star also admits that his belief in supernatural forces led to him spending $800 (GBP420) on a visit to a psychic.

22/01/2005 02:41