Snoop Dogg has cut ties from more than half of his entourage in a bid to avoid trouble from the law in 2008. The rapper was banned from the U.K. in March (07) because of his drug convictions and had a San Francisco city honour withdrawn because of his past legal issues. Snoop was also sentenced to serve 160 hours of community service in October (07) for illegal possession of a dangerous weapon. The Gin + Juice hitmaker was arrested as he walked through security at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California with a collapsible baton in September 2006. He pleaded no contest to felony gun and drug charges in April (07). But the family man is determined to clean up his act in 2008 and he has started by severing links to troublemakers in his posse. Longtime sidekick Bishop Don Magic Juan tells urban magazine Sister 2 Sister the rapper is concentrating on his friendships with ministers and "straight" friends. He says, "He needs that support right now." And Snoop's pal insists the changes have already brought the rapper more peace. He adds, "It's been amazing because it's been a more peaceful thing for the champ." Don Juan claims Snoop has cut his entourage from 70 to 22.