Organisers of this summer's Live Earth concerts have confirmed that rapper Snoop Dogg has signed up for the global event.

Rather than lighting up London or taking a bite out of the Big Apple, Snoop will instead be performing in Hamburg alongside Katie Melua and Chris Cornell.

It is believed that the reason the controversial singer won't be at London's Live Earth concert is because he has been banned from entering the UK.

Snoop and his entourage caused quite a stir at Heathrow Airport last year after a fracas in a business lounge saw them arrested.

He also recently failed a character test resulting in him being barred entrance to Australia.

The Live Earth concerts, which will take place at various venues around the world, are designed to raise awareness about the issue of climate change.

Taking place on July 7th, the London event boasts the likes of Madonna, Razorlight, Keane, Snow Patrol and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

24/05/2007 11:48:57