Snoop Dogg is urging the hip-hop community to get over its "petty" feuds, otherwise risk playing into the hands of those who want to censor rap music. Dogg - real name Calvin Broadus - insists he collaborates with whoever he chooses, regardless of where they are from or who they are associated with. And he warns that violent feuds only serve to desecrate hip-hop's reputation - especially in light of US radio talk show host DJ Don Imus' recent racist remarks, which sparked a national debate about language in rap music. Imus made headlines after he called the mostly-black Rutgers University Women's Basketball Team "nappy-headed hos" on his radio show. He was fired by CBS for his comments. Dogg tells MTV, "Certain situations are so delicate. I try to play my hand like Martin Luther King, but sometimes I gotta be Malcolm X. So it's like a double-edged sword... "We're musicians. I should be able to work with whoever I wanna work with and not offend anybody. This is a music industry where we should take advantage of our position. Our power is to create music that reflects what you feel is right. "They're trying to stomp out rap with this Imus situation. I don't wanna speak on it heavily, but they're trying to use us as a scapegoat. 'Well, how can they say it and get away with it?' "So they're gonna be trying to look for some reason to take this away from us, and if we can't get along then that's a perfect reason. "But if we're getting along and we're policing each other and we're able to communicate, then if I have a misunderstanding with you, I'm able to call you without calling Russell Simmons or Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson."