Rapper Snoop Dogg briefly quit smoking marijuana when he realised dads on the sidelines at his Orange County, California youth American football league disapproved of his laidback ways. The GIN + Juice hitmaker was starting out as a youth football coach for his eldest son's team and he accepted his doped-up persona didn't impress other dads. Snoop tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I saw me coming to practice smellin' like weed, my vision half-blurred, and the parents lookin' at me like, Snoop Dogg the gangster. "So instead of the parents checkin' me sayin', `Hey, Snoop, you smell like weed, why you comin' to practice high?' I took it out of my game so none of the parents would get at me foul, and they'd let me coach. "I did it for two or three months."