Rapper Snoop Dogg has dreamed up the ultimate way to promote his upcoming album - he's going to release an accompanying movie.

The California native has decided his next project will be a big budget affair - with something to both watch and listen to.

He says of the film, "It's called SNOOPAFLY THE MOVIE: THE N***A YOU HATE TO LOVE. It's just representative of who I am and what I've been going through and how people perceive me.

"They either hate me so much they love me, or they love me so much they hate me. That's just the way it is."

Snoop is making Snoopafly to accompany his next solo album, similar to Michael Jackson's extended THRILLER video, but at full feature length.

He continues, "I'm just trying to step up, trying to change the rap game, because it's getting boring, everyone competing to have the prettiest girls in their video and trying to be the most gangsta on the rap tip or whatnot. I'm here to add another element to the game. I'm dropping a movie with my record."

Snoop has yet to cast the flick, but he hopes some co-stars from past movies, including Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson from STARSKY + HUTCH, will partake "if their schedules permit".

Snoop adds that a script has yet to be written explaining, "I'm gonna make a couple of songs, then I'll know exactly which direction I wanna go in with the movie. I just want it to be fun."

Snoopafly the Movie and the album are due in late summer or autumn (04), after Snoop finishes touring with Linkin Park and Korn.

01/03/2004 02:31