Snoop Lion was too scared to get on an elephant in Thailand.

The 'Drop It Like It's Hot' rapper was in the country to film a music video with Rita Ora and his collaborator was amused when he refused to mount the huge mammal.

Rita said: ''We've done a song for his new album; it's called 'Torn Apart'. We shot the video in Thailand, went on a few elephants, looked around, had great Pad Thai.

''He didn't get on any elephants - he was too scared! But I did.''

Rita described her collaboration with Snoop, which will feature on the rapper's reggae album 'Reincarnation', as ''raw''.

She explained: ''It's reggae-bass, but it's also produced by Diplo, so it's got that current sound to it. It's really raw.''

The 'R.I.P.' hitmaker recently revealed that she and the 41-year-old musician - who was previously known as Snoop Dogg - were left stranded on a remote beach in Thailand during their video shoot.

She said: ''The boat couldn't come to the shore and we couldn't get off the island.

''Everyone had left except me, Snoop, my sister, the camera guy and the lighting guy. I was like, 'Are we ever going to get off alive?' We had to walk all the way to the boat because the tide had gone out and the boat couldn't get to the shore.

''We had to wade through the sea to the boat. I don't know what was touching my toes! Slithery things, stones. I was holding Snoop's hand and he was squeezing it so tight I lost all circulation. It was hilarious.''