Snoop Lion has settled two huge tax bills.

The 'Rebel Way' hitmaker - who was hit with a $546,270.29 back tax bill in February - has paid the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) everything he owed for the years 2009 and 2011.

A source told gossip website that the 41-year-old rapper - who was previously known as Snoop Dogg before he embraced Rastafarianism - recently paid the bills in full and the lien was released late last month.

The Grammy-winner had previously failed to submit payments of $101,952.44 in 2009 and $444,317.85 in 2011.

This isn't the first time the rapper has had tax issues.

He was previously reported to have been late paying $476,000 from his earnings in 2008, but eventually paid that bill after the IRS brought it to his attention.

Snoop Lion recently admitted he thinks he is having a midlife crisis in reverse and is becoming more conservative.

He previously said: ''When you reach the pinnacle, you finally wake up, put aside childish ways and want to do something positive.

''You can affect people. You have kids and you understand what life is about.

''At 40, most men decide to live wild and crazy because they've been so conservative all along. Me, I've been living wild and crazy my whole life.''

Despite his new outlook on life, Snoop - who is worth an estimated $60 million - insisted he would never give away his vast wealth to benefit strangers.

He said: ''If I give it all away I give it to my people. Make sure others are happy when I'm gone.

''That was the whole purpose of me getting it. It's never been me-me-me, it's about us-us-us.''