Hip-hop superstar Snoop Dogg is so hungry for notoriety he has launched his own brand of hot dog, with a rapper wrapper.

The Foot Long Snoop Doggs will feature packaging bearing the music mogul's likeness and are set to hit supermarkets in January (06).

Celebrity sausages are the brainchild of Dogg's business partners FRANCO PETRUCCI and JEFF EARP - who owns a fast food business in Massachusetts where Snoop Doggs will be manufactured.

But the SNOOPAFELLA hitmaker is not the first hip-hop musician to lend his name to snack food. Rappers LIL' JON and Ice-T boast their own energy drinks, while sandwich designers ROB DRUBBIN and TIM HOBEY honoured a Brooklyn legend with their Notorious BLT lunchbox filler.