Rap god Snoop Dogg is injecting his own personal "flavour" into his funky new film role.

The DOGGYSTYLE star is playing supercool Huggy Bear in the upcoming movie of classic 70s TV show Starsky And Hutch, opposite comedy team Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller.

And Snoop is doing his best to keep the character alive, explaining, "I'm bringing more of a player feel. You know, where he's like really an action player, his hair looks good, his nails look good, his outfits are sharp, he says all the right things, he knows it all.

"So I'm just bringing a little bit more of a 2003 player edge to it, but the movie is shot in the scene of '74 or '75, so it's still old-school, but I just had to put my flavour on the table to show that Huggy Bear could really be a player."

29/05/2003 16:57