Rapper Snoop Dogg has invited Chris Brown and Rihanna onto his new MTV variety show - for a relationship showdown with TV self-help guru DR. Phil Mcgraw.
Promoting his new programme in Los Angeles, Snoop has offered the on/off couple a TV forum to discuss their problems - and recount what happened a month ago (08Feb09).
Brown has been charged with two felony assault charges for attacking and allegedly beating his girlfriend during a late-night row. Rihanna was left with cuts and bruises and needed medical attention for her injuries.
Snoop Dogg, real name Calvin Broadus, is refusing to take sides, but he would like both Brown and Rihanna on his new show, Dogg After Dark.
He tells HollyScoop.com, "I would definitely have them on the show.
"I would have to have Dr. Phil on the show because that's not my section or department, but I'm sure Dr. Phil would have some advice... If he wasn't available I would get Dr. Dre to come on the show for them."