Snoop Dogg has big ambitions for his movie career - he wants to become the black Tom Cruise.

After minor roles in a number of films, including STARSKY + HUTCH and Training Day, the rapper wants to become a leading man and take control of his acting career.

The DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT icon says, "I'm trying to tell them what I want to do. They know that I can deliver. I'm trying to become the black Tom Cruise. He just tells the motherf**ker what he wants and they get it done."

Snoop is convinced audiences want to see more of him on screen - and producers are starting to value him.

He adds, "I think Hollywood is starting to appreciate Snoop Dogg. They see that by putting me in a movie with one scene, you've got people leaving the theatre like, 'Man, why ain't we seeing Snoop?' They see how when I'm on screen people are clapping. They're like, 'We need to get that n**ger more scenes.'"

17/03/2005 14:00