LATEST: Rapper Snoop Dogg has confessed he started paying the woman who has accused him of drugging and raping her - on his attorney's advice.

Make-up artist KYLIE BELL brought the charges against the rap star last month (JAN05), claiming he had joined members of his entourage when they raped her backstage at chat show JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE in January 2003.

Snoop, real name CALVIN BROADUS, is countersuing Bell for extortion, insisting he told her to take her rape claims to the police when she came to him and revealed members of his entourage drugged and raped her. He insists he's innocent.

He says, "I never wanted to give her anything in the beginning but my attorneys advised me to pay her this certain amount of money.

"Then, after a while, you know what, I'm not gonna pay nobody no $100,000 cheque for me to clear my name of rape.

"In my heart I don't know if something happened to that girl that night because any woman that I know that has been raped their first mindstate is, 'I need to find the guy that raped me, get them off the streets.'

"They don't automatically say, 'I need to get some money for this.'"

Bell's legal team insists Snoop's confession he made the payments in a TV interview could be his downfall in the case.

A spokesman says, "Innocent people don't make payments. His admission that he was doing so is very damaging."

14/02/2005 21:42