Rap superstar Snoop Dogg has hinted hip-hop pal SEAN "P DIDDY" COMBS may produce his next album.

The GANGSTAVILLE musician is hopeful he can convince the well-connected rapper will add his magic touch to his next musical outing.

He says, "Maybe. I'm down with Puff like that. We're coming together on a record or something in the near future. Me and Puff gonna sit down and try to make it happen. It's gonna be more than a track."

Meanwhile, Snoop has just completed his video for his new single P.I.M.P. with Eminem protege 50 CENT.

And the young rapper has made a big impression on Snoop. He gushes, "We just kept it pimpin'. A lot of beautiful girls, lot of action, lot of activity.

"I like his energy in the rap game. He brings a lot of good things to the table. He's the new thing."

27/06/2003 17:15