Snoop Dogg and Gwen Stefani were judged the style king and queen at the MTV Video Music Awards in Miami, Florida, last night (28AUG05) when they picked up the $50,000 (GBP27,700) handed out by host SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS.

The stylish rap mogul issued a Diddy Fashion Challenge last week (ends26AUG05), announcing he'd give the best dressed male and female stars cash for their favourite charities.

And, after dressing Snoop's long-time partner BISHOP MAGIC DON JUAN, who's famous for his garish outfits, in a stylish grey suit, he handed out the cash to the winners.

A thrilled Stefani, who plans to give her $50,000 to the Orange County Children's Hospital, said, "I think that me and Snoop look really good together."

Snoop announced his cash would go to his newly-formed football league.

But though Snoop and Stefani were judged the best dressed stars, Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria and pop star-turned-reality TV wife Jessica Simpson were the undisputed sexiest stars at the event.

Longoria wore nothing but a tangerine bathing suit as she introduced Mariah Carey's performance, stating, "I wasn't about to let a little hurricane keep me from wearing my bathing suit."

And Simpson looked like she'd just left her bedroom when she joined sister ashley onstage, wearing a backless baby doll outfit.