Rapper Snoop Dogg has formed an unlikely friendship with David Beckham, after Snoop was left dazzled by the soccer superstar's skills during the EURO 2004 tournament.

The DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT star enjoyed watching ENGLAND ace Beckham at the Portugal competition finals so much, a mutual friend put the pair in touch with each other.

And Los Angeles resident Snoop and Beckham, who lives in Madrid, Spain, get on so well they frequently talk to each on the telephone and even exchange presents.

An insider says, "Beckham was blown away when Snoop called for the first time because he's a big rap fan.

"He didn't believe it was really Snoop. But they've kept in touch. They have posted each other gifts, like signed shirts and albums.

"Two weeks ago they were due to meet in LA but Snoop couldn't make it. But they are hoping to meet this summer (05)."

15/06/2005 13:42