Snoop Dogg recognises "real woman" in his new album.

The 'Gangsta Luv' rapper, whose previous song lyrics are infamous for their derogatory portrayal of women, said part of his tenth album 'Malice N Wonderland' was written for the "ladies" he's not rapped about before.

He said: "When the record starts off you can tell I'm rapping with a lot of bad energy in my heart. So that's the first half, that's 'Malice'.

"By the time I get midway through the record it tones on and takes on a different direction, and by the end I find myself in 'Wonderland'. And you know, that's for the ladies. I've been calling women 'b***hes' and 'ho's' my whole career and I didn't make songs for them."

The 38-year-old star - who is worth an estimated £60 million - said he took time to "love and respect" the opposite sex on this record.

He said: "I recognise the real woman, the real one that tends to be underappreciated. I want to uplift her."