Rapper Snoop Dogg was reminded of his tearaway past last weekend (ends29JUN03) - when he hosted a charity basketball game at his old high school.

The DOGGYSTYLE hitmaker was joined by pals Warren G and SOOPAFLY at the successful event, as well as a host of other singers, actors, comedians and professional basketball players.

And playing the match at the POLY HIGH SCHOOL gymnasium in Long Beach, California on Saturday (28JUN03) bought back memories for Dogg and his old friend Nate Dogg.

Nate admits, "Me and Snoop used to skip class right where we're standing at."

Proceeds from the event, which saw Snoop's team win 124-114, have been donated to SNOOP DOGG'S SAVE A LIFE FOUNDATION and his former high school.

The rap superstar says, "I just always like to come back and let them know where I came from. I walked through these same streets, I went to the same school."

01/07/2003 02:32