Rap superstar Snoop Dogg is aiming to win over media critics with his new partnership with British soccer ace David Beckham. The Gin N' Juice star - who was once a member of Los Angeles' infamous Crips gang - hopes to reinvent his 'bad boy' image by teaming up with Beckham to "save lives" in California's poorest and most crime-ridden areas by introducing youths to soccer and American football. Snoop - real name Calvin Broadus - says, "We're going to be trying to save lives. We will be going in to do different things and I hope someone cares. "I hope this proves I do other things than go to jail, smoke weed and go back to jail. With me, the media is usually most concerned with conflicts and altercations." And Broadus believes he and Beckham are more alike than people think - and has even offered to help the Brit launch a career in hip-hop. He adds, "We have a lot of things in mind and a lot of things in common as well as both having three kids. "Like me, he wants to do whatever he can to help other, less fortunate kids. I like the guy's style... "And if he wants to do something musically with me, he's welcome. But he hasn't asked about that yet."