Snoop Dogg's well-documented trip to Jamaica seems to have given the veteran rapper a new lease of life and a fresh sense of perspective on things. We all know now that he's changed his name to Snoop Lion, having been told by a Rastafarian priest that it would be a good change to make, and he's also set to turn his back on rap music and release a new reggae album instead. Truly, Snoop seems to be very Zen right now, a man transcending the simple material pleasures of life and content to simply just be at one with himself.
Well, not quite. Evidently the MC is still fond of bringing in a whole heap of money, and, who knows, maybe this reggae lark might be all part of his plan to find a new audience. Mind you, if that fails he also seems to have a shortcut in mind to get himself a load of new fans – ‘American Idol’. The Washington Post reports that Snoop was giving an interview to assorted journalists when he was told how much Mariah Carey was going to be getting paid to appear in the new series of ‘Idol’. The diva’s set for an $18 million pay day and, with another slot still to fill following Steven Tyler’s departure, Snoop shouted to his manager “Get on it!”
Of course, he might well have been joking, although stern faced officials have declined to comment on who the additional new judge might be, just in case. Whether he's going to be filling the hot seat or not, Snoop will be busy promoting his new reggae album and an additional film that documents his rebirth in Jamaica. He loves his marijuana, you know?