Rapper Snoop Dogg will rake leaves and clean toilets as part of his punishment for carrying a collapsible baton at a US airport.

The Drop It Like It's Hot star pleaded guilty last month to the charge of felony possession of a dangerous weapon after luggage scanners at

John Wayne airport detected that he was carrying the instrument usually used by Police.

The artist has been told to complete 160 hours of community service and has opted to pay his debt to society at a park in Orange County, California.

Snoop's attorney Donald Etra said: "He will do whatever it takes. He will be making the park a better place for Orange County."

He added that the rapper would take the task seriously and would not be discouraged by the menial nature of the work.

Snoop's request to serve his sentence working with children or gangs was denied as authorities said the "spirit of the community service offer is for him to do the work in a manner in which he isn't glorified in the eyes of children".

The name of the park where the Starsky And Hutch actor will be fulfilling his duties has not been released to prevent fans from gathering at the location. The rapper, who had problems with the law before on drugs and gun charges, has also agreed to donate $10,000 (£4929) to local charities.

12/10/2007 07:53:01