Snoop Dogg has spoken out about his 2011 drug wrangle in Norway, revealing he was detained by customs officers because his cash smelled of marijuana.
The Gin & Juice rapper insists reports suggesting he had been busted for having too much money as he entered the country for an appearance in Oslo are only half the story - and he had to cut a deal with officials.
He explains, "They brought Fido on the bus. Fido was the little search dog that be (sic) trying to find drugs.
"They (officials) take me in the thing (detention room) and they look through my bag and say, Wow, you've got a whole bunch of money. We're trying to find these drugs... and it seems that your money smell like drugs.
"What they ended up doing was saying, 'You've got to pay us a certain amount of money in order for us to let you go,' so I had about seven thousand of that funny money (Norwegian krone)... so I said, 'You know what, y'all take the funny money and gimme the cash (U.S. dollars) and we'll call it even.' So we broke bread... and we kept on moving."
But that wasn't the end of Snoop's drug-related problems - he was booked on misdemeanour drug possession charges in Texas after his weed stash was discovered on a tourbus by a drug-sniffing dog during a routine border crossing vehicle check on 8 January (11).
The rapper, real name Calvin Broadus, has a prescription for medical cannabis in California, but that doesn't extend to Texas.