Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg has agreed to narrate a new comedy film about the Los Angeles Riots of 1992, because he hopes it will highlight the problems of police brutality.

The rapper-turned-movie star - who admits he looted shops during the riots which broke out after policemen were acquitted for beating up RODNEY KING - hopes LA RIOTS SPECTACULAR, will help aid the campaign against police brutality.

He says, "I've been beat by the police five or six times before Rodney King, after Rodney King. The police tend to have a grudge towards young black men.

"If there's three or four of us in the car, that's just the way they come at us. And if it ain't no celebrity in the car, you really gonna get f**ked with. That's just how it is.

"A lot of people are gonna like it (the film), a lot of people are gonna hate it. It's fly because it's really getting at all the real situations that happened and it ain't cutting no strings."

Emilio Estevez will play one of the cops charged with beating up King.

30/10/2003 09:43