Rapper Snoop Dogg has slammed TV executives behind his new reality show SNOOP DOGG'S FATHER HOOD - accusing the camera crew of coaxing him into behaving differently on-screen. The hip-hop legend, 37, stars alongside his family in the behind-the-scenes TV show, which has been tipped as offering a real insight into the clan’s domestic life. But the Doggystyle star, real name Calvin Broadus, is angry at the production team's efforts to show a different side of the star - and the effects it has had on his youngest son's vocabulary. He says, "The camera crew sometimes tells my youngest son how to be. He's seen me on set when they say, 'Snoop, we want you to say this', and I'm like, 'F**k that! I ain't saying s**t! Don't tell me how to be me. "So my son's like, 'F**k that! You can't tell me how to be me!' He has the same feelings as me, this is a reality show. You don't need to tell us how to act. Step back and let us be."