The Drop It Like It's Hot rapper, 44, filed a complaint in the Los Angeles Superior Court in June last year (15) claiming executives at the Pabst Brewing Company breached the terms of a 2011 deal which saw him become the face of Blast by Colt 45 alcoholic energy drink.

The company was sold in 2014, and Snoop, real name Calvin Broadus, Jr., claims his endorsement agreement entitled him to 10 percent of the value of the sale, meaning he is owed $70 million (£53.5 million).

On Monday (29Aug16), a California judge declined lawyers for the brewing company's request for a summary judgement, which halts legal proceedings when the outcome of a case is ruled not to be in doubt.

Lawyers for Pabst argue the $700 million (£535 million) sale merely transferred control of the brand, not ownership of the company.

Judge Malcolm H. MACkey ruled the conflicting allegations presented by both both parties prevented him from accepting the summary judgement application.

Snoop's attorney Alex Weingarten tells The Hollywood Reporter, “Pabst is trying to pull a fast one and argue that even though they sold this company for close to $700 million, they didn’t really sell the company, It is preposterous and just like the Judge saw through this nonsense today, we are confident that a jury will agree at our upcoming trial.”

The trial is set for October (16).