Snoop Dogg has reignited the east coast-west coast rap feud in America by claiming New York and Atlanta, Georgia, stars are stealing from California rappers.

Snoop, who joined mentor Dr Dre to famously fight SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS and the late NOTORIOUS B.I.G over rap turf a decade ago, admits he's still angry about the way west coast hip-hop stars are treated by the music industry.

He says, "The way the business treats us on the west coast is real bad. We don't get no air play on the east coast, but east coast artists get all kinds of play on the west coast. We are just perceived totally different.

"They are always stealing our style, our slang, stealing our looks, stealing everything about us, and then getting paid off it, and we don't get anything. We just get pushed out the door.

"It's like this on the west coast: 'If you ain't with Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg, we ain't letting you in,' and that ain't fair. They should be given the opportunity just as well."

27/05/2004 21:21