Rapper Snoop Dogg is preparing for the launch of a reality television show that will give his fans a sneak peak into his life.

Speaking about the forthcoming programme for US television, the Doggfather star said he favoured being strict with his children in order to ensure they were focussed on maximising their potential.

The 36-year-old rapper, who has had many run-ins with the law in the past, said he was especially strict when it came to when his daughter could date.

Asked about when she could start seeing boys, Snoop's eight-year-old daughter Cori sullenly replied she would have to wait until she was 77.

Snoop also revealed he coached a children's American football team that had won the top prize in its league this year. The star described coaching the team as his "number one excitement", but quickly added he kept his players in line.

"I'm hard. I cuss them out. But my philosophy is, I pick on them, and then I pick them up. That's what I do, to let them know that I expect more out of them, because they're better than that."

The rap star added he was an example to children from difficult backgrounds about what can be achieved through hard work.

"I'm like the best example for them to show them how someone can come out of a negative background and create a positive avenue for themselves," he added.

He also said he was looking forward to the start of the television programme starring his wife and three children, which will hit the airwaves in the US later this month.

05/12/2007 07:11:53