Snoop Dogg thinks Rita Ora is a ''special lady''.

The rapper, who collaborated with the British singer on the track 'Torn Apart', admits he has a real soft spot for the blonde beauty, 22.

The 41-year-old star told MTV News UK at the Yahoo! Wireless Festival in London, where he performed on stage with Rita: ''I love Rita Ora, she's a special lady.''

He added that he thinks the singer is hot ''in a real way.''

Rita is currently dating Scottish DJ Calvin Harris and recently admitted she is falling in love with him.

She also revealed she feels lucky because she and the 'I Need Your Love' hitmaker are incredibly similar.

She explained: ''I feel so small and looked after. I am very happy.

''I'm in such a happy place. I'm so lucky that I've found somebody who is exactly like me.

''It's always a bit difficult. There isn't really a clear answer when you have somebody that you really like and people take pictures of you liking that person.

''It's a bit of a weird scenario but I always just ignore them. But it depends on where you choose to go as a couple, what you choose to do and how private you really want things to be.''