Please just let Snoop Dogg take over the writing for British soap 'Coronation Street'. The rap legend has long insisted that he's a fan of the long running Uk Tv staple, and when he heard that Cheryl Cole recently admitted that she wouldn't mind a cameo in an episode, his mind started wondering about possibly storylines that they could both get involved in.
Talking to the Daily Star, Snoop again re-iterated his love of the show, saying "People always think I'm playing when I talk about Coronation Street, but I swear it's my favourite show on TV. They got everything - sex, murder, transsexuals. There ain't no other show that can touch it."
Turning his attention to Girls Aloud's Geordie lass, Snoop admitted he "couldn't believe it" when he heard she was keen to appear on the show, and quickly knocked up a damn fine potential storyline for the pair. "If the producers write a cool storyline for me and Cheryl I guarantee I will clear my schedule and come do a two-week shoot" he enthused. "The writers are sick on Corrie. I want to see me and Cheryl arrive on the Street as a couple from overseas." And then what, Snoop? "Within the first week I would expect Ken Barlow to have seduced Cheryl because you know that dog don't let his age stop his skills with the women. Then a broken-hearted Snoop falls into the arms of a broken-hearted Deirdre." Absolutely amazing.