Snoop Dogg has passed on parenting tips to newlyweds Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz during a skit for the Fall Out Boy star's TV show FNMTV.
The rapper, who appeared on the debut of Wentz's new weekly show on Friday night (13Jun08), agreed to film a comedy segment at the rocker's home.
Snoop, a father of three, advised a puzzled Wentz to put his new baby's crib in the garage because, "You don't want the baby next to you (in the bedroom) crying because you're gonna want to knock the boots (have sex) with Ashlee once she's had the baby."
And he urged Wentz to ignore early-learning videos for his child, and stick to rap and hip-hop promos instead.
Then, upon finding an opened bottle of alcohol in the couple's refrigerator, the rapper suggested the parents-to-be put a "nip nip" (nipple) on top of the booze and let their baby drink from the bottle.
He then got personal by asking, "Ashlee, are you planning on breastfeeding?" to which the pregnant pop star replied, "Oh yeah, it's so much healthier for the baby."
But he went too far when he asked, "Do you need some tips?" while sucking on a bottle nipple.
The skit ended with Snoop offering the newlyweds his congratulations and wishing them luck in having "a healthy beautiful little boy," before begging them not to let the child rap because: "You two are the whitest couple on earth."