Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg is convinced he has been granted permission to re-enter the U.K. following a fracas at a London airport in 2006 - despite reports to the contrary. The Beautiful hitmaker - real name Calvin Broadus - was prohibited from entering Britain after he was involved in a brawl at London's Heathrow Airport in April 2006, but recently wrote to the U.K. government in a bid to get the order overturned. And although reports earlier this week (31Jan08) stated his bid had been rejected by British authorities, Snoop Dogg claims his visa ban has now been lifted. Speaking to chat show host Larry King on Friday (01Feb08), he says, "I had a couple run-ins or scenarios, I made (an) ad, with a couple people in the U.K. "I was wrongfully accused and now I've been accepted back in. The judge overturned it. He looked at the evidence and looked at what I've been doing, just checked my character out and found me to be innocent and now I'm able to go back out there. So everybody in the U.K., big Snoop Dogg will be back to come give you all what you want." Broadus is expected to launch a new advertisement for European mobile phone giant Orange later this year (08). The incident at the British airport left seven police officers injured and led to the star being handed a caution for affray and a ban on returning to the country. Broadus' criminal record also led to him being denied entry into Australia in April 2007.