The American rapper has been in the business since the early '90s, boasting 13 studio albums to his name as well as eight collaboration records. His upcoming offering, The Return of Doggystyle, is set for release this summer (16), and will coincide with a tour alongside Wiz Khalifa. When quizzed on how he's still inspired after all these years, Snoop insists as long as there's people listening to his material, he'll always provide new music.

"When it hits you upside the head (you’ll be) like, 'Damn that’s beautiful. I been missing that,'" he told Vibe of writing fresh songs. "When I make records I provide you with what’s not out there, what you’re not getting.

"The s**t feels good to make it. To make people feel good. Music is a reflective mechanism. You reflect your energy off of the people, and you get it back. It’s the one thing that when I do it, I see people smile, laugh, they’re happy. It’s things connected to it that mean the world to me.

Snoop, 44, never thinks about himself when it comes to penning and recording new tunes - it's all about what he gives to the listeners. He's aware of his reputation as the life and soul of the party so makes sure he maintains it.

He makes an effort to listen to other artists' music too, and is a big fan of Beyonce's latest release, Lemonade. The record seemingly hints at troubles in her marriage to Jay Z and Snoop is a big fan of talents.

"It’s always about content that’s the best," he said. "Like Beyonce, for example, she has a hot movie with a hot record. You can watch and listen to it, live with it, and you root for her. That’s what music was meant to do.

"She grew into being No. 1 and 15 plus years later she is the ultimate because she teaches how to make a record. To me great artists continue to be great. This is what we do."