The Gin and Juice star unveiled the first episode, titled Squirrel vs. Snake, on Friday (25Mar16) on his cannabis and culture website, Merry Jane.

In the clip, the rapper colourfully narrates a showdown between a squirrel and a snake, and hedges his bets in favour of the reptile. During the bout, Snoop says, "This squirrel is hard. What gang he from?... If he can bust a nut, you know he can bust a snake head open, no problem!"

The new webseries was inspired by Plizzanet Earth, the comedy segments the hip-hop star took part in for U.S. chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live. In the bit, he reacted to clips from hit BBC nature documentary Planet Earth, and the videos became so popular that a petition to have Snoop narrate an entire season of the show garnered more than 65,000 signatures, paving the way for Planet Snoop.

On his Merry Jane platform, the series aims to bring "his wild commentary to the craziest viral videos on the web."